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Mark - United Kingdom

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26/09/2014 20:35:21

Owen - United Kingdom

My Voice:

A relative of mine lives at Botton Village. I have always admired the warm comfortable homes there, community involvement in activities like farming and intelligent dinner table conversation joined in by all. Most of all I enjoy that it often takes some time to identify who is there because of disability and who is a careworker.




At Botton there are genuine relationships between carers and cared for. In any employer employee relationship the employee\\\'s chief relationship is to the employer, who reports to the funder, the actual care recipient is almost irrelevant- think Stafford hospital. These changes will remove genuine personal choice and make safeguarding worse and I oppose them.

08/09/2014 22:33:00

David - United Kingdom

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We all have a need for support and community, but modern society makes it hard to get.  Many of us yearn for communities where people care for each other and grow and share food and love. But how to create that today? The ideas of visionaries like Steiner are as valid today as when he was alive, and being promoted by a new generation in the  Global Ecovillage movement, in books like the Anastasia books by Vladimir Megre, The Spririt Level, and The More Beautiful World our Hearts know is Possible.  In real communities, people care for each other and help and support each other, whereas in our current healthcare, mental care and disability care systems, many people do not get the support they need.  Let us learn from communities like Camphill and Botton that create community for people of all abilities.  Botton is a shinining light, and the light should be spread rather than dimmed. Whatever happens as a result of current challenges, I hope Botton continues to inspireradical change.

01/09/2014 00:11:17

petr - Czech Republic

05/07/2014 01:19:48

Peter - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton Village is a unique caring community where each person is and feels a valued member, and contributes partly through a five-day working week.

The New Management is too concerned with so-called individual rights, and I say 'so-called' because if each person is given the choice as to whether to work, and is given various individualistic options (e.g. television), then, by and large, his or her individualistic choices would diminish sense of fulfillment and self-respect, all of which are enhanced by the community as it has been for decades. So on average people would be less happy, not more. Is this what we want?


09/04/2014 16:43:35

Sue - United Kingdom

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I visited Botton Village many years ago and was deeply moved by the level of care and attention for the residents provided by extremely committed workers. Also I have friends who work in another Camphill village who have described the distress caused by the government changes. These are people who work tirelessly for the wellbeing of the residents, feeling desperate about how to carry on providing the care underthe new conditions.

29/03/2014 08:32:09

frances - United Kingdom

06/04/2012 18:19:31

Bernadette - Hungary

My Voice:

I spent a wonderful week on holiday in Botton village and I was very impressed with the beauty of the environment as created and upheld by the community that lives in it. I most remember the peace and the warmth of both people and the place. Unique and precious what happens there every day.

25/03/2012 20:04:32

naomi - United Kingdom

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Botton Village and other Camphill Communities are unique and special envirionments which allow some of our most vulnerable a place to flourish. Wider society could learn a lot from the ethos behind these places - maybe it would itself become kinder and more cooperative, and would not need to be so obsessed with safeguarding and controlling. it is wider socity that is broken and alienated - that is what neds fixing, not Botton and Camphill.

20/03/2012 08:16:16

Ian - United Kingdom

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These institutions were founded in freedom for people to help those less able to help themselves. To bind them with procedures based on tick-box standardising risks replacing the Camphill approach with a machine, ill-fitted to purpose.

12/03/2012 10:15:22

Peter - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Dear Whoever,   It is of the greatest importance that Botton Village camphill School, and all other Camphill Schools are kept open and maintained.  

I have worked in a Camphill School and cannot find anywhere else where those good people who suffer from the difficulties of 'down syndrom' difficulties can be cared for in a more loving, understanding and caring way.   Maybe it might behove those who have no good reason to attack the Camhill Movement and other loving and carining establishments to just pause and think what their lives would be like if they had a child with down-syndrome effects.  No one is automatically exempt from having such a child.  We all need care and consideration in our society and none more so than those dear folk who are just unable to care for themselves.  What sort of person would it be who would deliberately deprive those in greatest need of the very essential care that is provided by those who can and do give up their individual lives to care for others?


Peter Simon

12/03/2012 09:04:13

Hester - Netherlands

My Voice:

When I first came to Botton Village as a young person, I was deeply impressed by the down-to-earth idealism that was put into practise by the people who live and work here. This has deepened through subsequent visits/stays.  Knowing that a place like this existed, that it is in fact possible to live together in such a way, as a community based on working for the good of all, instead of for private gain, has been an inspiration for me throughout my life. The love and dedication with which people work together for this common goal, is awe-inspiring.

As the social and economic structures of our society are tottering on the brink of collapse, we should cherish the social potential embodied in the communities of the Camphill movement, instead of trying to reshape them to a model which is clearly not working. We should preserve the experience and knowledge concerning a feasable alternative social/economic structure that has been acquired here over the years, for we may have great need for it in the future!


10/03/2012 15:25:13

Isobel - United Kingdom

07/03/2012 18:23:51

Carmen - Germany

My Voice:

I visited Botton in 2009 and was very impressed by the community. Botton is an amazing place, the people working and living there are caring, highly idealistic and so enthusiastic about what they do. I truly wish that there were more places like Botton in the world. 

02/03/2012 09:05:29

Leo -

20/02/2012 20:52:49

Jane - United Kingdom

19/02/2012 18:58:01

Marieke - Germany

16/02/2012 20:59:05

Diana - United Kingdom

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Have visited Botton mant times and always have been impressed with the care and opportunities the residents are given

14/02/2012 21:11:48

Ian - United Kingdom

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I am dismayed that the Camp Hill Movement and the Botton community find themselves at the mercy of indiscriminate legislation and a care regime completely at odds with the ethos and example of the founders. What are the  Trustees doing - flying in the face of their own "Articles of Association" which clearly identifies their duty as guardians for the real care that Botton has provided for many years.

08/02/2012 20:36:39

Benedikt - Germany

05/02/2012 20:27:18

Arvo - Estonia

28/01/2012 10:43:42

Eve - Estonia

My Voice:

As a parent and a friend of Camphill I\\\'ve been deeply impressed and inspired by the ideas of Botton Village and we\\\'ve got lot of good advice and gudance for the Estonian Camphill. this is unvaluable in our everyday life. A Camphill that has worked successfully for 65 years must not be destroyed just because some legal system wouldn\\\'t understand it. These people in the system must learn that there are different ways for different problems and the more options we can choose among the happier we are.

24/01/2012 14:29:08

Valerie - Germany

19/01/2012 17:53:52

Ernest - Austria

18/01/2012 16:25:42

Laivi - Estonia

My Voice:

I visited Botton Village and I have myself a little downsyndrom girl. And I am very much hoping that my child could one day live in one of the Camphill Villages. And I hope very much that those values wich are taken care until now still remine alive.

I have great respect for the people who did build up those villages and  did take care of those values for so many years.  I support those peoples with all my heart.

18/01/2012 13:59:45

Esther - Estonia

18/01/2012 08:42:32

Are - Estonia

18/01/2012 08:06:19

Katrin - Estonia

18/01/2012 07:42:50

Derhille - France

18/01/2012 07:01:48

Dr. - Germany

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It is a very important place for people with learning disabilities. They are doing very valuable work.

17/01/2012 17:15:57

Bonita - Czech Republic

My Voice:

Many years ago I met a woman named Katie who was living in Botton Village (My family is friends with Katie's sister).  She was one of the first specially-abled people I have ever met but she was a full, expressive, real person full of humor and vitality.  I feel certain that her liveliness and personality and fun came from the great luck of having a supportive, dignified living environment like Botton Village.  Please make sure these humane places continue to exist for people like Katie and their families and for the dignity of all of us.  Thank you.  Bonita Rhoads

17/01/2012 07:07:10

Ralf - U.S.A.

13/01/2012 17:04:22

Amrei - Australia

13/01/2012 06:16:17

Mary - U.S.A.

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My first job was at Camphill Village, Copake, New York in 1968. I was 18 years old and a college student.  My chief interest then was in intentional communities; that was a common search at that time. I visited and worked in many places in the following years. Only Camphill Village came close to the ideal and I have remained a strong supporter ever since.  It provides a meaningful way of life together for all involved: the villagers, the co-workers, and the larger community.  Each person contributes what he or she can offer;  each gift is important.  

12/01/2012 16:58:33

timothy - Canada

My Voice:

I have worked in the care sector in a number of countries, in private, public, and also Camphill. Botton Village has always been a trailblazer. The incredible opportunities created for and BY the villagers there, for personal growth, for meaningful work, and for finding solutions to the huge problems of our times. Botton has grown and evolved over the years I have known it. It has provided inspiration for many a project which have come into being as a result. It is a beacon worldwide of which the UK should be very proud. It has widened the experiences available to both the folk who live there and those who come into contact with it from all parts of the globe. To undermine this would be shortsighted and a huge mistake.

12/01/2012 13:39:19

Miranda - U.S.A.

11/01/2012 22:49:42

Pierre - U.S.A.

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I have known Camphill for almost 25 years, have friends living and working in several Camphill communities.  Working out of the deep understanding of the human being is the basis of Camphill work and Camphill life.  There is engenders respect and compassion and this can be felt and appreciated when encountering Camphill with an open mind.  I have had the opportunity to meet and observe many Villagers and their support families.  I can only say good and positive things about them and the kindness expressed in so many ways.

The possibilities that Camphill has prototyped and has been practicing have impressed me and my management team.  We manage an industrial machinery manufacturing business.  One of my part-time employees is a Villager in one of the Camphill Villages in our area. Having him in our company for a few days each week has been good for him and it has been especially good for us: we have developed an appreciation for him and the strong intent that he puts into his work; it has been truly refreshing and our employees always make sure that he is invited to company events. Every business can benefit from learning about Camphill’s experience toward sustainable community building out of the deep understanding of the human being.  It is unbelievable that Camphill and their initiatives would be attacked as the Botton Village has been.  

11/01/2012 19:42:55

Gerrit - Norway

My Voice:

How is it possible to suspend co-workers from there home? 

what kind of objectivity is here practised? Unworthy!

11/01/2012 17:27:34

Mrs - United Kingdom

11/01/2012 16:17:03

Philip - United Kingdom

08/01/2012 20:43:52

Helen - United Kingdom

My Voice:

My husband and I have become friends of the Botton Community through our son who is there for a year as a co -worker. We knew nothing of Botton before he went and we have now visited the village on numerous occasions and met with a siginificant number of residents both villagers and co workers.

We have been hugely impressed by the dedication of the co workers, the integration of the co workers and the villagers and the overwhelming sense of community and common purpose which underpins the community. It is a fantastic place and it is inconceivable that it can be under threat from red tape and bureaucracy. Botton should be allowed to thrive and continue to nurture the people who live there and benefit from this unique and very happy environment 

06/01/2012 10:04:16

Lucy - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is a beautiful village, supporting people in a very real and appropriate way. 

31/12/2011 17:14:32

senta - U.S.A.

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Camphill embodies all that is possible in a community of love and care where every individual is both teacher and student, healer and healed, where learning. living, working and playing together we realize what it is to be truly human and that nothing is impossible to the willing heart

30/12/2011 17:49:09

Margaretha - South Korea

My Voice:

I do know Botton Village although I have heard about it but I have been well aquainted with Camphill Village Alpha and the School in Hermanus South Africa. I worked for a short time at Alpha and liked the community life there. The Village was built up with a thriving agricultural existence at the time from a very barren landscape. Once when I was walking outside the Village along adjacent farms I was aware of the difference in atmosphere of Alpha from the surrounding farms.

30/12/2011 16:16:26

Lori - Canada

29/12/2011 23:21:57

Revd - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I feel it a great privilege to have the village of Botton within the parish of Danby, where I am the vicar. There are residents of the village who are regular members of the church congregation, and they make a unique contribution to the life and worship of the parish. I am also personally inspired by the atmosphere within Botton. To me, the community stands for a very special set of values which are found in very few places today. The residents contribute to the life of the village, and are not merely passive recipients of some vaguely defined 'care' which one often sees in more secular institutions . They are valued and respected as equals, with their own particular gifts. In a truly counter-cultural way, there has been no hierarchical structure in Botton, but rather a true community, living together in a way which I can only describe as Christ-like in its ethos. If I want to see how the Gospel can be lived out, I go to Botton.

I am therefore most disturbed by recent developments. I think it would be a real tragedy if the community were to adopt procedures and practices derived from local government models, and to have their own principles of care overridden by those who have no understanding of or sympathy with the way Botton has worked in the past.

For me, Botton represents something truly invaluable. Please do not let that disappear.

In the words of the poet, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.' 

29/12/2011 11:25:48

Martty - Estonia

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28/12/2011 19:34:11

angela - United Kingdom

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all campill communities provide  a home and  family  not accomadation  for people  a BIG difference thats why we need to keep them

27/12/2011 15:38:10

Paul - United Kingdom

23/12/2011 21:08:21

Jakob - Germany

23/12/2011 09:11:35

sally - United Kingdom

21/12/2011 16:55:40

Pat - United Kingdom

My Voice:

It is a wonderful alternative life for people to live at their own pace and feel  they have a real place in their community.

I always enjoy visiting and find it an inspiring place.  my connections date back 60 years when my sister went to Sunfield in Worcestershire.

21/12/2011 16:13:18

Marites - New Zealand

My Voice:

since moving into new zealand from the philippines seven months ago, i have volunteered at the hohepa in auckland.  i firmly believe in the good that such organizations as camphill and hohepa does not only to the people it caters to but also to the people who work there.  it is healing and upbuilding for both.

21/12/2011 11:13:37

Peter - New Zealand

My Voice:

To lose or in any way restrict the wonderfully humanising Camphill movement would not only be a bitter and very unnecessary loss for Britain but for the whole of humanity. Botton Village has a truly world-wide reputation at the very top of special needs "tertiary education" and life-giving warmth.

21/12/2011 11:04:07

Marik - Germany

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I don't know much about Botton Village. I just know that I want

20/12/2011 20:12:16

Alistair - United Kingdom

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20/12/2011 15:54:44

Simon - United Kingdom

My Voice:

This inspired and inspiring community needs - as it once did- some friends in high places. Bullies are frightrened by authority ......chash

20/12/2011 09:04:02

Trim - New Zealand

My Voice:

More strenght to you!

20/12/2011 01:23:31

Sinéad - Ireland

19/12/2011 11:45:56

Vivian - United Kingdom

My Voice:

This is a very important issue that the genuine nature of Botton is understood and nurtured and protected. Botton is essentially more than the sum of it's parts bringing together a range of initiatives that centre around the person with special needs and they need to be understood. Taking the side of the reports and always implementing recommendations regardless of the nature of the Botton community doesn't help and seemingly putting the senior co worker community on trial also shows an adversarial approach which doesn't take the community with the new management group. I notice from all the amazing comments made on this website that Botton is a very much loved place which has made a huge difference to many many people's lives. As a young co worker of many years ago I too add my name to the list of support to a community I know and love. And the people with special needs were and are at the centre of this remarkable Christian social experiment which is iconic in our time.

18/12/2011 22:20:12

Dr - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Having visited Botton Village on a number of occasions although not in my capacity as a GP, I have always been particularly impressed by the positive mood and outlook of the villagers and and the way in which they were, and felt themselves to be included, and can have a life with meaningful responsibilities. This model of care deserves special acknowledgment and respect!

18/12/2011 20:37:22

Tobias - Germany

18/12/2011 16:54:57

lilach - Israel

18/12/2011 16:27:33

Susanne - Germany

My Voice:

I wish you very good luck, because your work is so helpful for people!





18/12/2011 15:21:01

Wolfgang - Switzerland

17/12/2011 21:56:48

Rozanne - Switzerland

My Voice:

A fantastic place offering a unique enviroment for people with learning difficulties to unfold their true capacities. It also supports the arts by supporting a eurythmy school. Eurythmy is a dance movement that can bring help and wholeness and even healing to all peoples. It is an art of movement needed at this time for all walks of society. The earth is taken care of in holistic way that truly serves the ecology creating wholesome spaces for future generations. Please see Botton Village with new eyes and work to keep it intact.

17/12/2011 21:49:58

Bianca - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Best place on earth...

Best home I ever lived in...

Best friends i ever had...

17/12/2011 14:11:30

Phil - United Kingdom

17/12/2011 11:42:40

Molly - United Kingdom

17/12/2011 11:36:28

Vojtech - Czech Republic

16/12/2011 21:39:11

boris - Switzerland

My Voice:

A place where people truelly meet and meningful work is done.

16/12/2011 15:19:30

Liz - United Kingdom

My Voice:

It is a rich and unique experience for all who live there. It is the family environment that is so healing for all residents. Shift working and changing staff is not supportive for them

16/12/2011 13:29:10

Gerard - United Kingdom

My Voice:

An exellent example of forming communal life around the needs

of the ´special needs person´.

16/12/2011 11:30:58

anna - United Kingdom

16/12/2011 08:58:30

Edith - Switzerland

16/12/2011 07:40:14

Eileen - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I would be grateful to know a bit more about the nature of the obstacles Botton is facing from Gov organisations.

15/12/2011 22:28:40

Alison - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have had the great privilege of accompanying different groups of Class 3 children on their residential farming blocks in Botton. The villagers, carers and co-workers never fail to inspire and touch the lives of those who visit this precious valley. Many, many children have come away carrying a light and warmth in their hearts for this special place. It remains with them always. We all continue to have Botton in mind, and send you much strength, wisdom and courage.

15/12/2011 20:30:45

TALIA - Israel

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15/12/2011 19:48:32

Elisabeth - Germany

My Voice:

Es ist so menschlich und unglaublich wertvoll, dass es diese Einrichtung gibt - möge sie Beispiel sein für viele andere Plätze, die unsere Welt so dringend braucht!

Mögen viele Menschen fähig sein, diesen Wert der Menschlichkeit und Kreativität und Entwicklungschance zu erkennen und zu unterstützen.

Ohne Botton Village wäre nicht nur usnere Welt um einen bedeutenden Ort ärmer, es würde für viele Menschen auch gar keinen Ort mehr auf dieser Welt geben!


Das sollte bedacht werden, bevor Entwiclungen wie ein Tsunami Lebenschanceen wegspülen.

14/12/2011 23:43:07

Janet - United Kingdom

My Voice:

A wonderful place with inspirational work proven to help and support those in great need. 

14/12/2011 23:31:43

Robin - U.S.A.

14/12/2011 20:34:00

Johanna - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is such a lovely friendly place, and I love staying there in the spring! 

14/12/2011 20:28:09

Micaela - Germany

14/12/2011 19:55:27

Mrs - United Kingdom

14/12/2011 17:43:20

Mrs. - Germany

My Voice:

  • The endeavor of creating new social  forms in the sence of inclusion is to be supported.Living social forms in organisms are utmost in need of care. I strongly recommend ,that Botton is to be recognised as such an enterprise by any Trusty, councel and government -member,so as to pay justice to the european law of Inclusion. The aims  and the individuality of this place Botton with its personality is to be maintained and recognised.

14/12/2011 17:05:37

Kort, - Netherlands

14/12/2011 12:09:50

john - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I haven't been able to understand what the Whitehall mandarins are doing to dispose of Camphill from this website.

But I know they can't stand it (freedom etc,),


14/12/2011 10:46:25

Valeska - U.S.A.

My Voice:

Botton needs to stay a candle on the hill.

14/12/2011 01:34:50

sally - United Kingdom

13/12/2011 19:43:22

Walter - Austria

13/12/2011 19:23:00

Lizzy - United Kingdom

13/12/2011 14:07:55

Sophia -

13/12/2011 11:02:29

arnuka - Germany

13/12/2011 05:45:16

Maycon - Brazil

13/12/2011 01:34:15

Sipke - Ireland

12/12/2011 23:47:03

Michael - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have always found Botton Village a totally inspiring, joyful, fruitful and deeply human community. I am very fearful for its future.

12/12/2011 23:36:53

trudie - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I visited Botton in 1973 and the memory of that visit lives with me,it was such an inspiring place to be

12/12/2011 22:58:30

Tracey - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Bottom village seems such a wonderful place providing care with dignity

12/12/2011 22:37:45

Saskia - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I am deeply sadenned to hear of the challenges that Botton Village is facing.

Camphill is such an amazing and special place and everything possible must be done to protect and support the wonderful work that goes on in such communities. 

I speak as someone who has spent many years working in social care both in Camphill Communities and other 'mainstream' settings. In my experience the work of Camphill is invaluable. 

12/12/2011 21:44:39

Stephan - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Well done for setting up this courageous and articulate campaign!

I hope the CQC are listening...

Your problems are shared by other Camphill Communities.  I hope you can broaden this campaign by working together to promote your unique and vital work in these times. 

Best Wishes,

12/12/2011 20:52:01

Irene - Ireland

12/12/2011 20:43:49

Katie - United Kingdom

12/12/2011 19:54:27

Kristine - Latvia

12/12/2011 19:20:17

Zane - Latvia

My Voice:

It is a really great place for people, who aren't the same as everbody else. They can actually have a life there - they can comunicate, work and feel free.

12/12/2011 19:11:38

Marisa - Germany

My Voice:

I only heard great things about bottom village. I think that this is the best place to be not only for people with dissabilities but especially for them. There they are treated equally and they´re absolutely respected.
I worked in another Camphill and I really enjoyed it there. I could see that the people of need in soul and care are really lucky to stay there!

12/12/2011 18:47:00

Michael - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton Village and Camphill in general are unique places, ideally suited for the help in maintaining an integrated and healthy life-style for all those with learning disabilities and indeed for anyone interested in living to the full with an appreciation of the spiritual values underlying all progressive human endeavour.  Botton is vital as a centre for excellence in human, spiritual nourishment and should not be regulated by no doubt well-meaning but clumsy modern bureaucracy that does not understand its thoroughly reasoned ethos.

12/12/2011 18:24:33

Dasha - Finland

12/12/2011 16:49:45

Frederic - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is amazing i have met some lovely people there and was confirmed in the church. Steiner education and philosophy has so much to offer even if you don't understand it. Botton makes a lot of people happy and helps many others. It must NOT go! 

12/12/2011 16:45:09

christophe - Norway

12/12/2011 15:54:57

Marjolijn - Netherlands

My Voice:

I visited Botton Village several times. It is a heart-warming place, becuase of the respect and attention to the villagers and the co-workers. 

12/12/2011 15:09:08

Polina - Russia

12/12/2011 14:52:27

Paul -

My Voice:

It would be a sad loss if Botton Village were to be forced into closure by short sited regulations which take no account of the positive benefits that Botton Village brings to to local and national community.

12/12/2011 12:32:02

Joenio - Brazil

My Voice:

This is a special place. Here people who oteherwise might not find a decent life can be at peace with themselves and happy. Besides the enviroment so beautifully cared by the community must account for its special values in a desintegrating world.

Please keep Botton Village and others like it.

12/12/2011 12:14:01

Eyal - Israel

My Voice:

as the fox said to the little prince: the most importent is hidden from the eye.

may you all see eye to eye a common future in which the people can stay in their homes

12/12/2011 12:08:38

Jean-Didier - France

My Voice:

Je suis passé par le village de Botton en 1973 avec la troupe de Marionnettes \\\" La compagnie de l\\\'Homme de toutes couleurs\\\". J\\\' en ai gardé le souvenir d\\\'une vie sociale riche et porteuse de vie. La mise en danger de telles institutions est, pour moi, l\\\'expression d\\\'une société qui ne sait plus protéger ce qui est subtile et fragile, riche et porteur d\\\'avenir.

12/12/2011 11:44:35

Tom - United Kingdom

My Voice:

A unique place of friendliness and peace. A wonderful family atmosphere

12/12/2011 10:56:58

Eric - South Africa

My Voice:

I have personally never visited Boton, but have seem many other Camphill villages, schools and homes. I have also met some of the founders of Boton and the Camphill movement. Its international reputation is one of a model ecological and humanistic community that has trained hundreds of people in the care of others and been an inspiration for countless other initiatives and communities throughout the world. That the British authorities wish to bring this work within the narrow confines of its bureaucratic administration (Yes Minister!) reflects in no way on its work, but on the British authorities alone.

12/12/2011 10:44:11

Keir - United Kingdom

12/12/2011 10:33:30

Sam - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I spent some time in Botton Village a couple of years ago and was incredibly impressed at the relaxed atmosphere and independence that many of the villagers had gained through being there.

12/12/2011 09:04:11

Florence - France

12/12/2011 08:29:43

Mary - U.S.A.

12/12/2011 06:15:00

Roswitha - U.S.A.

My Voice:

In October 2010 I visited Botton Village and was glad to find a Camphill community that still expressed the Camphill spirit and practised life-sharing. SO it is distressing to discover that this is in danger of being turned into any other care facility.Botton Village is too precious to be destroyed!

12/12/2011 03:06:24

Penelope - U.S.A.

My Voice:

I have known and visited Botton for more than thirty years, made friends with many residents as well as coworkers and found their work to be a great inspiration.

12/12/2011 01:38:12

Maria - U.S.A.

12/12/2011 01:32:55

Ernst - United Kingdom

My Voice:

During my visits to Botton Village I have always been impressed how well the Villagers are being cared for and how closely integrated they are into family and community life. There is a great sense of belonging and hapiness amongst the Villagers and it would be a tragedy to change the way the care and protection have been given until now. It took decades to evolve and improve.

12/12/2011 01:14:27

Considera - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 22:37:47

David - Netherlands

11/12/2011 22:02:30

Sarah - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 21:50:06

Lewis - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I believe the whole dynamics of Botton will change which is a real shame as I really think it's a great upbringing and a great deal of care of which you recieve there. 

11/12/2011 21:36:24

nick - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 21:21:59

Miko - United Kingdom

My Voice:

You don't have to spend long at Botton to get that they have been doing something very right for a long time. If this delicate and robust structure is messed with - no matter how good the intentions of those who think they know better - then I suspect that Botton and the other Camphills will do good in spite of those intrusions, or begin to lose what it is they have done so well. That tragedy would probably be lost in the tidal wave of modern tragedies but why add to them?

11/12/2011 21:09:48

Elizabth - Germany

11/12/2011 20:43:19

Jana - Czech Republic

11/12/2011 20:30:40

samuel - British Virgin isl.

11/12/2011 19:50:53

Matthew - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 19:49:59

rachel - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 19:43:59

Eleanor - United Kingdom

My Voice:

A wonderful place!

11/12/2011 18:51:56

Caroline - United Kingdom

My Voice:

A sacred place where ones spirit can breathe and be whole.

11/12/2011 18:21:52

Ferdinand - France

My Voice:

I am impressed and I strongly support the Camphill Movement worlwide because of its great added value to the world and the human beings inside and outside the movement.

11/12/2011 17:44:05

Michaelhull - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 17:39:54

niccola - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 17:27:55

Michael - Germany

My Voice:

What a great thing! Don't let it die!!

11/12/2011 15:39:48

christina - U.S.A.

My Voice:

A Great place to live and thrive for ALL

11/12/2011 13:34:30

Tom - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 13:05:59

Kate - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have visited Botton Village twice as part of the biodynamic apprenticeship and have spent time with people who live there and expereinced seeing home and working life.  My impressions were that Botton offers a real holistic way of life where there are daily rhythms and the meaningful nature of working with the land and craft and food means that everyones abilities and strengths seem to be utilised in the different working areas offered. Above all there seemed to be a great sense of community and people know each other so well.  I really hope this form of holistic care can continue.

11/12/2011 12:59:59

Jo-anne - Australia

My Voice:

I have visited Botton Village on several occasions as a performer, and been really impressed with the opportunities available to the people with disabilities - primarily through the hard work and dedication of the staff and friends of Botton. The world is a better place for its existence.

11/12/2011 11:47:33

nathaniel - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is a fantastic place.

11/12/2011 11:38:58

Johannica - Norway

My Voice:

Botton Village and all worldwide Camphill communities are an inspiration and an important resourse that should not be lost.

11/12/2011 11:17:39

michael - France

My Voice:

A unique way for human being to care humanly hadicap human

11/12/2011 10:53:40

Eva - Germany

My Voice:

I've never been in Botton Village myself, but worked and lived for a while in a Camphill in South Africa.

I'm deeply convinced about the Camphill "Concept" and I truly would like to support it, after all when this support is needed.

I hope that this campaign will lead to success,


with lots of love and support,


11/12/2011 09:17:44

kate - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is a place where all residents are treated with dignity and are appreciated for themselves.  It is a place where they choose to live. - Because it is different means that there is still choice left in a care system, if all residential homes conformed to the same regulations then the element of choice has gone. 

11/12/2011 08:31:58

sophie - France

My Voice:

Go up to the end and you'll win, we have to fight for them. Keep going ! :)

11/12/2011 06:36:50

Caleb - Canada

My Voice:

Our world on all fronts is on the brink of collapse. Botton farm is a a small force doing the most important work there is. Trying to see how we can better our world so we can all live a joyful life in it. Stopping this work as it is slowly growing is the absolute worst thing our institutions can do. Institutions are supposed to exist to serve the individual which is exactly what Botton village does. It is the model institution.

11/12/2011 04:24:27

Patrick - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I am friends with four or five previous students of Botton Village, and I have never known anyone as well rounded, creative or inspirational as all of them, I would hate to see such education fade away having wished I had gone myself.

11/12/2011 01:20:06

Nikolas - Germany

10/12/2011 23:03:36

Camila - Argentina

10/12/2011 22:30:00

Viviana - Argentina

10/12/2011 22:27:31

Omar - Argentina

10/12/2011 22:24:54

Rachel - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 21:32:07

Amy - United Kingdom

My Voice:

botton vilage is all about treating people equaly, letting the villagers be inderpendant and make the most of there life. i whent to botton school for over 8 years i have learnt the most important lesson i will ever learn life and that is to respect others and to be happy with what you have, the village itself taught me this, not to look down at the people who are different but to treat them with the same respect as i would treat any other human in this world. the chilldren in botton grow up with the villagers helping them and becoming there closes friends, i have got to know a fue of the villagers quite well and i realise how much they love living in botton how happy it makes them that they know there are so many people can exept them for who they are, its made me so sad that some people cant see this happyness, because it is so beautifull words can't describe. i really do hope that one day they will see it and as soon as they do i know they will change there minds about botton village.

10/12/2011 21:16:19

Jonathan - Germany

10/12/2011 19:45:58

Gal - Israel

10/12/2011 19:35:32

Johannes - Germany

10/12/2011 19:33:17

seren - United Kingdom

My Voice:

i studied for 10 years at the botton village steiner school and was invited to have my lunch at one of the houses there and share in the atmosphere they have and it should not under any surcomstance have to end!!!!

10/12/2011 18:28:29

Jocelyn - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 18:02:49

Martin - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 17:36:15

Kirsten -

10/12/2011 17:23:19

Sky - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Having been to school in Botton, eaten my lunch there and had the pleasure of coming back to visit more recently, I was shocked and appalled to hear about everything that is going on in Botton at the moment. The village provides a true community for all, particularly those that need it most.

10/12/2011 16:38:55

John - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Having worked wit h the villagers at Delrow, Watford, I have experienced the full and happy lives they lead.   I think thisis the best way for the people who need a little help and support to live

10/12/2011 16:12:35

Tristan - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 14:06:02

Harriet - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 14:05:23

Magdalena - Switzerland

10/12/2011 12:22:53

Carolyn - United Kingdom

My Voice:

lovely community feel and a great place for the villagers to experience freedom, responsability and family life. 

10/12/2011 11:43:36

Ben - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Bureaucracy and over regulation should not suffocate something just because it's different.

10/12/2011 11:32:23

Hannah - Switzerland

My Voice:

Botton village is an amazing community who gives villagers, parents, children and lots of other important funktions, a chance to get the life they want and disurve.


The human beeings living in the villigae (and also come to work form outside the village) work hard for a living and everyone knows and cares for eachother.


The world would make a great success and many big steps forward, if we would learn living like a camphill community.


Financial and material lifstyles are much too important today, than social communication and careing. And as we (hopefully) all know: a team only works, if it works, talks and goes forward together to reach their goal.

10/12/2011 10:47:58

Amy - British Virgin isl.

10/12/2011 10:44:31

Peter - Germany

10/12/2011 10:36:57

Gabriel - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I spent a week giving a writing workshop @ Botton and was greatly impressed by the happiness of the Villagers and the empathy of their caretakers. The visionary intelligence of such a venture is rare in the world today, where fascist legislation is fast blotting it out.

10/12/2011 10:30:28

Malte - Germany

10/12/2011 10:18:49

Habib - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 09:57:12

John - New Zealand

My Voice:

We lived in the UK for 10 years and John worked at a Waldorf school associated with 3 separate Camphil communities.

It was very disappointing to see the progressive legislative changes over these years and we are not surprised at the final outcome and result of these changes. The same is happening in many countries with the waldorf movement as well with those who accept funding from the state.

Have you considered not accepting state finance as he who pays the piper gets to call the tune. While this would be a challenging it may also be a way to maintain your integrity.

10/12/2011 09:44:50

peter - United Kingdom

My Voice:


here are my comments  

botton village
is a very special and unique place to live it is needed now more than ever in the world today
having first hand experience as both a parent of a child that attended botton village school from age 7 - 14 and also now as an outside self employed window cleaner that comes into the village about once a month to work
I can say I have met some lovely people presently and over the years
from my observations and in my opinion the house parents co workers and those with special needs all seem to live in harmony and I think it works very well for them all
they all appear to be very happy and content living together
it would be most tragic if things did not continue as they are
so we want to pledge our support for your campaign
best wishes
peter and Diane Armstrong

10/12/2011 09:02:34

Natalie - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is an extraordinary place. Please don't damage it.  

10/12/2011 08:28:45

Samuel - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 08:23:42

louise - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is one of the most magical villages in the country, it delivers care as a lifestlye, not a job.

10/12/2011 03:20:01

Ansel - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton Village is an amazing community helping people to live a wonderful life with a purpose and friends, a job that suits their abilities, a caring household to call family and many other wonderful opportunities. 

i have been in botton on and off for education for the last 11 years i have visited many of the houses shared meals with the people and just generally spent plenty of time there enough to see that it is a strong thriving community that works brilliantly giving people who other wise would be disregardede by society a chance to live a happy fullfilling life.

10/12/2011 02:18:03

David - United Kingdom

My Voice:

A unique environment with extraordinary achievers at all levels and stages of life and living! Needs everyones encouragement and support, and also the strength to evolve for the better to maintain this Spirit and this great body of work for the future.

09/12/2011 23:45:43

John - United Kingdom

My Voice:


My name is John & I was born in Botton 46 years ago , my story is unique because I was born to handicapped parents in botton, my birth made the news as not many handicapped people had their own children back in 1965

Botton gave my parents the support to bring me up as normal as possible and when crissis happened that could have seen me brain damaged a man called Thomas Weiss saw the signs and came to my resuce and it was decided that I was to be given new parents called Mark & Rosalind Gartner who had just set up a Camphill village is South Africa where my son is working now as a volunteer

To me they are my real parents and I think the world of them and what they have achieved without the interference of outside authorities,

The point I am trying to make is because of the love ,strength and inteligence not forgetting a mature sense of responsibility of Botton and other Camphill villages I am now living a normal life and am a happily married man with children and a good job and am living like any normal person does.

So I feel Botton that is a very special and beautiful place that should be left alone by the people at the Care Commission to get on with the work that they alone know how to do in the wonderfull way they are doing it

I am proud of Botton and the Camphill Village Trust and want to see if left alone

My heart and support goes out to all the people in Botton Village and I hope life can return to normal for them


John Gartner   

09/12/2011 21:44:11

Liza - Belgium

09/12/2011 21:28:38

Tomer - United Kingdom

09/12/2011 21:16:57

Emily - United Kingdom

09/12/2011 21:15:06

Seonaidh - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Though like any place - not perfect, Botton is a wonderful and inspiring example of community life. It demonstrates a way of life in which everyone, villager, co-worker, parent and employee are respected as individuals and vauled within the working community. A place in which the villagers feel secure and proud of their essential role in the village, the loss of Botton as a working community would be tragic and heartbreaking loss.

09/12/2011 20:41:07

Laura - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is a wonderful place, villages, coworkers and houseparents have created one of the most amazing villages i have ever seen. The place is very inspiring and it amazes me how happy the villages are in this enviroment.

09/12/2011 20:36:53

Katharine - United Kingdom

09/12/2011 19:01:12

Dr - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton Village offers opportunities for anyone who may have been assessed by their lack of ability to develop a capacity to value their own and others\\\' unique and vital contribution to a meaningful life.

09/12/2011 17:21:46

Vincent - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton Village represents a valuable demonstration of a way of life that is potentially inclusive of all humanity. This living witness to a form of community living which strives to work out of love is more and more needed in our time in which traditional forms of community are becoming fragmented and our sense of what it means to be human is being eroded. It is a beacon of Light for (from) the future, which we will all need if we are to preserve "community" in our own lives and our humanity. The Camphill Movement has been important in my life and I gladly support Botton Village's campaign.

09/12/2011 16:52:52

aaron - United Kingdom

My Voice:

My wife and I raised 3 children in two large Camphill communities - Western Cape in South Africa for 9 years and Lehenhof in Germany for 5 years. Many of the Villagers/residents we worked and lived with were and have become true friends of great mutual support. The division of carer and cared-for dissolved into the most comprehensive experience of extended family and brotherhood I have had and stimulated genuine growth and development for us all - co-workers and villagers alike.

Admittedly however we did isolate ourselves from the 'real world' to a large degree and lived in a sort of bubble. This definitely needed and needs redressing. Nonetheless the attitude of many modern health and welfare authorities is now to throw the baby out with the bath water and for the Camphillers to become defensive. I would plead for openness and a willingness to negogiate new ways forward from both sides. There is a real danger right now that Camphill and the authorities polarise each other without sufficient interest in and respect for what the other is trying to bring. If this mutual interest could be practiced this could be of the greatest benefit to all parties and bring about solutions that no-one has thought of yet. 

09/12/2011 12:37:37

Louise - United Kingdom

09/12/2011 10:12:02

Tom - United Kingdom

07/12/2011 15:45:19