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Mark - United Kingdom

My Voice:

My time as a short-term co-worker in Camphill (in Ireland) some time ago, and later visits to Botton and other communities, is very special to me.  At times the shared living model was great; with some house parents it was less so!

I therefore fully support your aim to give people the best care, but I am also somewhat reassured by CVT's factsheet that things will change but not fall apart or become just another care home.  I do not see any reason that a village cannot incorporate a range of living models, or how employment per se should necessarily change the way people work. 

Both communities I lived in had several residents who would really have flourished with more independence, but with the support of the community; and others for whom the care and emotional support of shared living was crucial.

They also had on-site and off-site co-workers, making equally valued contributions to the community.  Many of those living off-site would have been lost to the community altogether had this option not been available, with both sides losing out.  In other roles, I have worked for organisations where, despite different pay scales and a formal hierarchy, there was a clear 'all in it together' spirit of collabotation.

08/07/2014 20:13:36

Liva - U.S.A.

My Voice:

I have been a coworker in another Camphill Community, and naturally find the work of Botton very inspiring. I think that the risk of such drastic change that Botton is facing is a risk we will all face as Camphill communities around the world.

10/03/2012 02:40:44

john - Netherlands

20/02/2012 09:51:19

Kari - United Kingdom

My Voice:

A community that strives to be the best they can be! So help them to move into the new by understanding what and where they have come from and achieve on an everyday basis. In that way Botton can forge a clearer direction without loosing their identity and values whilst embracing the new.

07/02/2012 09:58:09

Nicola - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have worked in a camphill community and visited Botton. I found it a formative experience for my whole life and helped me with my'special needs' which we all have. 

Let all forms of good ideas flourish, in camphill and in the community.The community can come to Camphill too and be richer for it.

02/02/2012 11:13:17

Katinka - Germany

25/01/2012 18:34:50

Meghan - France

23/01/2012 18:39:02

lachaud - France

22/01/2012 12:10:21

Josephine - Germany

My Voice:

Two years ago I was in Botton Village for one month, for a practicum.  And I had a wunderfull time. I'm still grateful for the possibility to make experience in such a great place, like Botton. A place were people realy care for each other.

At first I was shocked to hear that my loved Botton has serious problems. But now I am a littel more optimistic because I remember what nice, committed, involved peaple live there. I have faith that you will somehow manage a good future for Botton. So there for I wish you enough energie and all the best!

20/01/2012 19:51:32

Celine - France

My Voice:

From outside it is very difficult to understand what is happening at Botton. But if you knew Botton and return now it is easy to see the difference. Uncertainty, distress and fear of the future are now finding there way through the Village.

I lived in Botton for 2 years.


This unique Village is able through the work, landscape and loving House Parents to nourish so deeply the Villagers, that it is difficult to say \\\" he or she is a special needs\\\".

Care, safety, sharing, warmth, family life, culture, trust and fairness are the key words for this place where Co-workers devote themselves fully.

This is a vocation not a job.

This is a life style and life commitment not a 39 hours/week contract.


18/01/2012 21:43:08

Claudia - Estonia

18/01/2012 18:56:42

Katrin - Estonia

18/01/2012 16:35:23

Veronika - Czech Republic

18/01/2012 07:09:11

Monique - Germany

17/01/2012 16:31:08

Floria - Germany

My Voice:

about two ears ago i was in botton village.

botton village my faforite place of england if i was there i never wanna go home.

the people and the villagers are the best persons i ever meet in the world. botton village have to be keept on cause thats a really important place for the special villagers.

pleace pleace help the most beautiful place of england because i know if you have to stay there at the end you dont wanna go ..!!!!!

17/01/2012 11:33:52

Hannah - Germany

16/01/2012 23:06:53

Christel - Australia

16/01/2012 10:58:25

Salomé - Italy

My Voice:

Botton Village is a special and unice place, very important for the lifes of a lot of people ( Co-Workers, Villagers, Houseparents...) It would be sad to loose such a place, for some mistakes made in the past. So it should be given a chance to improve, without loosing its special qualities and beliefs.

14/01/2012 23:30:36

Andrea - Switzerland

14/01/2012 20:06:41

Jannis - Germany

14/01/2012 17:09:12

Susan - Kenya

My Voice:

 The following is an extract from my (as yet) unpublished autobiography:

The Camphill Villages could simply be described as working communities set up to give a supportive environment to educationally challenged adults. But they are much more than this: they are an extraordinary experiment in community living. My own eighteen months in Botton Village had a profound effect on me. I worked in the house every morning, cooking lunch for 20 people. You can imagine what practical skills I learnt there.  In the afternoon, I went out to the farm. I learnt to drive a tractor, and do all the different tasks with it: ploughing, harrowing, cutting grass, not to mention the art of reversing a trailer into a confined space. I also learnt some of the ancient farming skills: hedging, stone wall building, even building a haystack.

           4.30pm was milking time. There were about 12 cows, so we used machines, but what a heart warming job! That wonderful sweet cow smell, the gentle mooing and the warmth of the shed, even in winter. There were always two or three of us at the job – two men to bring in the food for the cows, clean up the cowshed, and someone to carry the buckets and wash the milking equipment at the end.

       And this is how it was in Botton. We rarely worked alone. Most of the time, we had with us a number of challenged adults, or ‘villagers’ as we called them: with that title we clearly expressed the reality, that the village belonged to them, and we (the co-workers) were simply those who worked alongside. Mucking out the barns, they would do the bulk of the loading and offloading of the manure, while I drove the tractor and supervised. Digging potatoes, they were helping to pick them out of the ground, where the potato turner had passed. In the house in the morning, I had a rather hysterical young woman to help me with a few tasks in the kitchen, in between her main work, which was cleaning. It was part of my job to supervise her. We were well schooled in patience, as we learnt that valuable lesson: that we all need each other; that people and the web of relationships are our lifeline, our purpose in living. The villagers had their responsibilities just as much as I had mine.

            Many a young person, troubled with the worries, conflicts and isolation of the modern world has found solace and new life in that sheltered valley, and I was just one. Living close to the land, separated for a while from the fast moving modern world, surrounded by nature, in an environment where meaning, growth, destiny and the reasons for being, are constantly being explored through all kinds of artistic activities, in which everyone participates as equals, was a deeply moving experience.

Then, those who decide to stay on and devote their lives to the care of the villagers, the community and all it stands for, are in their turn looked after by the younger generation, as they grow older, in the same way traditional societies still uncorrupted by our modern western world, do up to this day.

            A few years after leaving Botton Village, I moved to E. Africa, eventually becoming a citizen of my new country. Here I have found social values which have long since disappeared in the west, but which the Camphill Village Movement is making a courageous attempt to reinstate. It would be a tragedy indeed should this attempt be crushed in the name of ‘following government regulations’ – regulations put in place maybe by people who have never experienced the enormous benefits of community living.

11/01/2012 18:19:05

Matti - Sweden

11/01/2012 12:45:50

Marietta - Germany

10/01/2012 20:55:03

Petr - Czech Republic

My Voice:

Camphill Community as Botton Village proves its meaning and viability through long-term history of its succesful existence. It is very inspiring place and I have never seen people with learning dissabilities to be so happy as Villagers living in Botton. As if to change something, I would recommend to focus on potential Weaknesses and Threads to improve the living there and not to destroy the core of something what works well by radical imprudent interventions.
...I spent the happiest Year in my life during my stay in Botton Village.

09/01/2012 14:51:31

Helen - Netherlands

07/01/2012 16:08:12

Sofia - U.S.A.

My Voice:

This Christmas Day I heard about what was happening in Botton Village and my heart broke. I have lived in many countries around the world, and participated in many different projects; I have also worked in a variety of different environments, for social services in the USA where I live now, for conventional companies and within alternative movements. After so much life experience I know that there is nothing like Botton Village anywhere in the world with the potential for healing of individuals, with special needs or without, and with the potential for healing the greater society and the Earth we live on.

Nowadays people talk about the huge problems we face as human beings: the falling apart of our economic system, climate change and its dire consequences, growing poverty, loneliness and isolation, environmental degradation, the attack on our food by genetic modification and ever more powerful chemicals. We have never faced such immense problems before and it's clear that the world we are used to will soon change drastically whether we like it or not.

As we know there are growing movements made up of people who are looking for solutions such as Transition Towns, the Social Forum, the organic movement, Economics of Happiness, and other localization movements, to name a few. Many scholars, scientists, social and political figures speak of an ideal: a place where people live close to their work place, where food is grown locally without the use of chemicals, where every individual is valued, where diversity is respected, where community is created among individuals by creating their own local culture (without celebrities and external media). This describes Botton Village. It is a living model of a potential future, thanks to its non-hierarchical structure which continues to work after more than 60 years. It is also thanks to the fact that nobody receives a salary that every individual is valued, rather than being paid for how much work they can do. It is the general society in which we live that creates inequality among people because we get paid according to what we do, loneliness because of the break-down of communities, jealousy, want and low self-worth because of the media we expose ourselves to.

I first came to Botton as a young adult because I was desperately searching for a different way of living; I thought there must be adults somewhere who have chosen to live differently than in this crazy society where people travel for hours to get to work, where nobody talks to each other in crowded underground trains, where most people spend most of their day working at meaningless jobs that don't fulfill them and spend very little time with the people they love, where I felt I had to compromise my respect for the environment and for the Earth just so that I could have a roof over my head and fill my belly every day. Please think about it: if you're living in a city, isn't this the way that you live? With a little TV and a few beers to make it all bareable? Is this then the kind of life that people with special needs should be encouraged to live?

I chose to live in this very special place because I found a community of people where each one is unique and respected for who they are, where everyone has a place and an important role to play and is aware of it, where I could walk to work and work to grow food for my community, where I didn't have to compete, overwork myself and compromise my family life in order to get food and shelter, where I could play music, act and help create our own festivals and culture without leaving it to the "experts" and "celebrities", where my voice was heard if something needed to be said thanks to its non-hierarchical structure. On my first day I saw the happiness in the faces of the people with special needs and knew in my heart that I wanted to stay right here.

I came as a young co-worker and I can say from my perspective that Botton also has the immense potential of changing the lives of young people for the better. Being able to share our lives with people with special needs, to live within a community so rich (culturally and humanly) allows hearts to open and to learn. I cannot explain it but I saw people transform thanks to their time spent in Botton and I know I certainly did. I owe who I am today to all the people I shared my life with in Botton and this is why my heart broke when I heard the news. A change of structure imposed from the outside will destroy the heart of the community, it will institutionalize it; the beauty and magic surrounding this community will die. It is thanks to the people with special needs that community is possible, and community makes the future possible for humanity. Please do not underestimate the potential of a place like Botton Village, whose only mistake as I see it was not to join hands with other alternative movements that are lighting up a way for the future and thereby gain solidarity, strength and understanding from the greater society.

Botton should be changed if the people living there are unhappy, but I have never seen people with special needs as self-confident, joyful and with a feeling of belonging as I did in Botton Village. 

To all living in Botton right now, we pray for you every day and hope this threat brings the community together. May there arise a growing feeling of solidarity and love for the true spirit of Botton.

With love,


05/01/2012 07:05:29

Brönnimann - Switzerland

04/01/2012 11:39:53

Charles - United Kingdom

31/12/2011 07:23:19

Francis - South Africa

My Voice:

I was raised in a Camphill Community and see the value the Camphill approach has to the world. I don't want to see these values lost as a result of not fitting into the way we evaluate systems in our regulatory framework.

30/12/2011 08:25:20

Patrick - Canada

My Voice:

The values of Camphill that nourished my childhood and on which I based my adult choices are universal, human and cannot but be supported by anyone who understands them.

29/12/2011 23:10:05

Burgard - Germany

My Voice:

Botton is a great place and for me it became a place which changed my life to a very positive site. I think also my children should have the opportunity to get to know such a lot for life. I do not have any understanding for these people trying to destroy the Camphil places. Thank you very much again and again to all the people in Botton, who are living with the ethos of Camphill. 

28/12/2011 14:38:51

winfried - Germany

28/12/2011 10:44:04

Lisa - Germany

My Voice:

this place inspired me and us as a growing familiy a lot.


i hope the gouvernment will understand the real idea of botton soon!

27/12/2011 15:32:53

Berenice - Australia

My Voice:

It is a unique, wonderful hearty  place, a kind of grounded miracle, which must be protected, recognised, and emulated.

26/12/2011 05:59:38

Sabine - Germany

My Voice:

It was home for me for a year - and as soon as I\\\'m there it still is today. It is so special to live and work there - it feels absolutely normal and I still (after almost 25 years) benefit from living in Botton in everyday life whenever I meet handicapped people! Elsewhere they are in some sort of home, live with their parents (which is no good for both!) or try to live on their own which mostly means being quite lonely! In Botton life is sharing everyday life - work, living, meals, cultural events, friends... it is a real community where everybody has his/her place and can develop himself/herself

22/12/2011 17:51:06

Michael - New Zealand

My Voice:

I was a co-worker in Newton Dee Aberdeen for 5 years and visited Botton on a number of ocassions. I always enjoyed my visits and was impressed with the way people interacted and the abilities that the clients developed. I wish Botton a continuing positive future.

22/12/2011 09:55:32

Nancy - Australia

My Voice:

Botton Village is a picture of a TRUE community.  The whole world could learn from this amazingly beautiful picture of living humanity at its best.

21/12/2011 21:46:13

Arthur - Germany

My Voice:

Realy a nice place for handicaped adults. great community and many chances to learn from others.

21/12/2011 16:39:20

Dr - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I lived and worked in Botton Village for a year in the late 1970s. I found it an exceptionally humane and culturally rich community. The experience was an inspiration in my own life.

20/12/2011 16:09:19

Adriaan - France

My Voice:

Why can't a place be different?

Why can't people decide their own way of life.

19/12/2011 20:35:10

John - United Kingdom

19/12/2011 17:30:36

Eli - Norway

My Voice:

I had a lovely time at Botton Village working in yje Doll Workshop and rehearsing eurythny for a tour!!!


18/12/2011 15:12:40

Diana - United Kingdom

17/12/2011 22:52:58

Kathy - Australia

My Voice:

I went to Botton after leaving school and spent about 9 months there.  Through working with and getting to know the people with special needs and finding out how they are cared for at Botton I feel very strongly that this period of time completed my education in the best way possible.  Years later in my life I have often thought back to those times and what I learnt and felt grateful for all my experiences there.  My Botton Village experience helped to make me who I am today in the best possible sense and I value that very highly.

17/12/2011 03:32:28

janet - United Kingdom

16/12/2011 16:09:38

Mark - United Kingdom

My Voice:

At 80 years of age I write as a retired co-worker who spent my working life in various Camphill Communities worldwide since 1949. The quoted “Values at Botton” are guiding ideals which, though also realised elsewhere in various different ways according to local circumstances, personalities involved and also the age of a particular community, make them recogniseably “Camphill”. These different expressions show that life evolves to express these values under different conditions. Personal maturity and group development arise from learning. This requires recognising failures, understanding the context which gave rise to them and a context of human relationships that inspire and engage good will even when confrontation may be initially necessary. Awareness that above values are shared values and aims will encourage such pertinent personal relationships. It means being pro-active in changing conditions.

Protecting society from abuse is a reaction to it having taken place somewhere, devising markers (rules) that might alert and prevent such events happening within a similar general context elsewhere in future. It is a necessary and defensive activity focused on negative images, on the generally rather than the individually pertinent, and on creating protective boundaries. It is concerned with evaluating the result, or if you will, “product” of activities for the common good.

Both, the “proactive” and the “defensive” activity as described above, are sovereign in their ethical justification. Respecting each other’s premise and inherently different dynamic they ought to be able to meet in consensus whether or not there is a threat from failure and whether pro-active activity needs to ensure that necessary learning will remedy the situation.

Problems occur when sovereignty of these areas is not respected and rather than coming to fruitful insight by mutual effort to understand, the one area tries to impose “its solution” upon the other. For instance, if necessary protective boundaries become guiding principles for future development they will at best lead to a “standardised product”, but not to innovation, growth and development. The problem is exacerbated when hidden power motives are also involved as they will prevent open mutual engagement.

(Mark Gartner)

16/12/2011 13:01:53

Ellen - United Kingdom

16/12/2011 12:48:34

anna - United Kingdom

15/12/2011 20:07:00

Verena - Germany

15/12/2011 15:14:35

Smon - Germany

15/12/2011 09:27:21

Ursula - United Kingdom

14/12/2011 22:11:54

JACKIE - United Kingdom

14/12/2011 19:07:10

Vanusa - Brazil

My Voice:

Everything will be allright!! Places like this can not be destroyed. We from camphil and antroposofical moviments and all people envolved will not let it happen.

14/12/2011 11:15:46

violaine - United Kingdom

14/12/2011 08:55:20

Elisabeth - Germany

14/12/2011 07:27:09

Sungwon - South Korea

14/12/2011 06:36:17

Adrian - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have witnessed Camphill help people who have otherwise been failed or let down at every other turn.

13/12/2011 20:13:43

stephen - Switzerland

13/12/2011 13:03:25

Katina - Finland

My Voice:

absolutely everything has to be done that work of this quality can be continued!!

13/12/2011 12:06:39

Fiona - United Kingdom

13/12/2011 09:44:40

Nathan - U.S.A.

13/12/2011 03:45:46

Ben - U.S.A.

My Voice:

There are only a few places like Botton on the planet.  I hope everyone involved in the community, both those within and those without, understand and appreciate what has made it so unique and so important for our times, and out of this understanding will be able to keep the community evolving in that spirit.

13/12/2011 01:32:09

Ute - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton has been the greatest inspiration in my life. I was a child in Botton and I have watched many villagers grow and mature into middle age - even old age, with a great deal of self -respect and joy in their lives. Though some may say Botton life is restricive geographically, isolated. yet my experience was that life was rich; in terms of work and responsibility given to the villagers, rich in the beauty of the natural world around them; rich culturally - but most of all it was rich for all of us in our relationships to oneanother. Of course it was not ideal - but there was respect, appreciation and much understanding. The greatest at the latter were often the villagers.

As a nurse I was often shocked and horrified by the lack of care given to aduuolts with special needs/ villagers in other settings. Too many of them could not hold their heads high; too many of them looked unkempt and neglected. And too few of them led even a semi-fulfilled life.

Botton has been a haven for so many villagers - but also for  many co-workers and others who have been received with open hearts - and who have so often given of their best. Often it was the unusual people who were able to meet the villagers most effectively. Thank God for Peter Roth's foresightedness in offering a place to such a variety of people.

Long may you flourish, dear Botton, in your strong identity as a place where fmailies of all sorts can sit down together and shere their daily bread.

12/12/2011 23:52:47

Mick - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I think that this issue is very important and welcome the opportunity to contribute my thoughts and feelings as someone who spent a little time - six months - in and around a number of Camphill Villages including Botton and believe that much of what is being presented on this website is both inaccurate and disingenuous. Yes, we can say that the alienation of the individual is a direct result of an economic system that is exploitative, risk averse and inhumane. Nevertheless Camphill isn\\\'t the answer to the problems, nor is Anthroposophy a philosophical basis for guiding us through the current situation. To have the political and economic power that allows humanity to lead a more egalitarian way of living and is based on need requires a very different response to the ruthless neglect of even this poor attempt at regulating the care and support of other human beings to be creative and to contribute to the emotional and social well-being of others . I have seen many examples of exploitation and abuse of Co-Workers and \\\'residents\\\' within the Camphill movement and a strong denial of attempts to question the ethos that was being promulgated within the villages in order to ensure that the economic needs of the village are met and that a certain quality of life was maintained by a number of individuals present. This is not to say that there is not a genuine desire on the part of the Camphill movement to do the best for people who come under their duty of care, though it\\\'s right to say that it is predominantly economically driven and until we move away from this illusion that Camphill is capable of delivering the environment necessary for this transitionary infrastructure to be put in place that will lead to a socially responsible and mutually respectful society then the sooner we can get on with the real work.

12/12/2011 23:16:41

diedra - U.S.A.

12/12/2011 22:09:25

Taprisha - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton village has been a heart centre of the Camphill Impulse for as long as I can remember. It is a place where each on is an individual, a valued member of a village, regardless of their abilities........not.....a place where so called staff people look after so called needy people. In such a village you never know on any day who is helping who! That is real intergation....when visitors are not sure whose who! Where a life style aspired to by many in the new transition movement is already being lived by those who know how to live together like brothers and not carers and clients......If Botton goes then one of the leading heart places of this land called England goes with it

12/12/2011 21:40:22

Tyll - United Kingdom

My Voice:

A sanctuary!

12/12/2011 21:25:18


My Voice:

It is a wonderful place, so full of humanity, quite adapted and necessary to take really care of handicapped people. Mankind needs more places like Botton where each person is recognized as somebody important on earth.

12/12/2011 20:29:39

Nikola - Germany

12/12/2011 20:19:28

Hannah - Germany

12/12/2011 19:23:49

František - Czech Republic

12/12/2011 17:04:29

Anselm - Germany

12/12/2011 17:02:32

Krystof - Czech Republic

12/12/2011 14:10:09

Leonie - Germany

12/12/2011 11:32:38

Kalle - Germany

My Voice:

 I have lived and worked in Camphill Grangemockler in the nineties. The Camphill movement is a movement to bring real care, real support about. Its strength lies beyond the lonelines of pure indivdualism and the threats of institutions. It´s a place, to live, work and grow. For everyone, co-worker or villager- at ones own speed and to live out ones full potential.

12/12/2011 09:47:22

Philipp - Canada

My Voice:

Botton Village forever...because there is nothing better,

I never experiencesd such an enriching year in my life before than that year in Botton. I doubt that there is any mainstream institution that can provide as much care and inclusion for people with disabilities than in a Camphill Village or in Botton Village for that matter.

Please keep it unchanged!!!!

12/12/2011 05:32:44

Christopher - U.S.A.

12/12/2011 03:52:59

Paul - U.S.A.

My Voice:

An Amazing place!

12/12/2011 02:18:55

Jeremy - Australia

My Voice:

I worked at Botton Village as a volunteer co worker for a year and I now work as a Social Planner with Brisbane City Council in Australia.

My time in Botton Village in its original form has inspired me to develop  compassion understanding and respect for those with some form of disability but also for those without any so called disability.

Part of the Botton Village magic has lain in the spirit of goodwill generosity and trust that has been built over the years within the community unencumbered by over regulation. The heart and spirit of Botton Village should be nurtured rather than over regulated to retain its viability


Thank you


Jeremy Townsend

11/12/2011 23:47:26

Mr - United Kingdom

My Voice:

For many years it was clear that those in power in Social Services simply were incapable of understanding the power inherent in a loving and trusting community way of life. Botton and other Camphill communities are now in a battle for survival with those authorities who, by implementing numerous rules and regulations think they represent the only good and right way to deliver care.

11/12/2011 23:14:45

Mark - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Good luck Botton and all Camphills.

11/12/2011 22:36:26

Cristina - Spain

My Voice:

Botton Village (and Camphill in general) is an important and creative alternative to the institutionalisation of the care sector. 

11/12/2011 22:20:57

Daniel - Sweden

11/12/2011 22:00:06

Elinor - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 21:40:00

Andreas - Germany

11/12/2011 19:56:20

Adriana - Spain

11/12/2011 18:38:00

seoungyoung - South Korea

My Voice:

As I'm a co-worker in England camphill, I always support and would like to get involved in your movement even I'm just single co-worker :)

11/12/2011 17:32:34

Tobias - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 16:24:44

Beth - U.S.A.

My Voice:

I have lived and worked in 5 Camphill Villages on two continents during the last 30 years.  While I have taken on a new project for our family farm currently and am no longer part of Camphill Village, the lessons I learned through working with people in Camphill Village remains the beakon which shines into all of my decisions.  The world would be a much better situatinon for all people if the governments that be would learn lessons from the dedication, perserverance, thoroughness and compassion of Camphill Villages and Schools.  Please go experience it before you make intellectual and artificial changes that could ruin the lives of people with special needs as well as others.  Camphill Village is a phenomena which should be a light for people interested in social health for the whole of social life.

11/12/2011 15:56:30

Philip - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Where else will it be possible for those in need to live a life so rich and meaningful if the Botton Villages of this world go?

11/12/2011 11:28:15

MariaPraxl - Austria

11/12/2011 09:04:48

Hanna - Israel

My Voice:

surly this special place should be able to thrive for the benefit of all hou need it!

11/12/2011 08:15:08

Pedro - Peru

My Voice:

I spent a year within the community, lining with the residents and helping out where I could. The only thing I can say is that such a movement does not deserve to be closed down. They all work very hard in order to create a wonderful enviroment, where everyone have the opportunity to experience the real meaning of life... Freedom. It allows everyone to express themselves in many different ways, such as workshops, where they are able to expand creativity turning it into art. Excursions, which facilitate their integration into the society developing a natural understanding of their beings and the others.

May the hearts of the people be stronger than their human-minds. 


11/12/2011 05:24:31

Swantje - Germany

My Voice:

...I guess I've never seen such a social place before! There was no discussion about integration because there you simply live it!

10/12/2011 21:37:25

Susanna - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have lived and worked for several years within another Camphill Community where many of the people with learning disabilities often and enthusiastically spoke of their time and experience at Botton Village, proud of the work and contribution they made to in their community.

Susanna Odlin

10/12/2011 21:20:29

Daniel - Germany

My Voice:

Botton Village was an harmonious place when I was there 5 months ago. I can just really hope for the people there and for the world that it doesnt has to change! It´s a place where people with special needs can live there lifes!

10/12/2011 18:12:33

V. - Germany

10/12/2011 18:02:30

Cornelia - Germany

My Voice:

Botton is a very special place!!!I will never forget the time living there. it would be really sad if people could not experience that place in the future, i send all my warmth to the whole community, head up!

10/12/2011 17:51:57

Lena - Germany

10/12/2011 16:31:52

Jeannette - Germany

10/12/2011 15:44:27

Stefan - Germany

My Voice:

I've seen how happy people are in Botton and other Camphills. And it would be really sad to loose all these very happy and peacfull places in a world full of rush and violence!

So keep the good work up for the people with speciall needs and for all those young people coming every year to see and learn how it is to live together equally and in peace while working for the community!

10/12/2011 15:26:12

Angelique - Netherlands

My Voice:

I first came to Botton in 2001 and I have been back almost every single year for a short visit or an extended stay. One could say I am biased, being a past co-worker. To be honest I experienced good and bad times in Botton. But the warmth and true care of extended family life I haven't experienced anywhere else. 

I am truly shocked about the bluntness and ignorance Botton has to face right now. 

A big sheer for the person(s) who did start this campaign and in this way offer me (and many others) the opportunity to ventilate concerns and to give everyone in Botton (the community, school, staff etc.) our warmest support.

10/12/2011 14:46:22

Laurence - United Kingdom

My Voice:

It has taken 50 years of commitment and from people who have given their lives to Botton to make it the place it is today. It has been a pleasure for me to do my part. No one should be able to ruin all their efforts!

10/12/2011 14:37:11

Andreas - Germany

My Voice:

Oh Botton, I am there with all my thoughts, be strong!

10/12/2011 13:43:09

evelien - Belgium

10/12/2011 13:37:35

Joan - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 12:24:44

Lesley - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 11:01:47

Gillian - U.S.A.

My Voice:

My time in Botton has been one of the greatest influences in my life. Life in Botton fulfils the needs all human beings have - for meaningful work, a rich and varied cultural life, friendship and neighbours who truly care about you, a beautiful and cared-for environment, and the conviction of the sovereign value of the individual's contribution to life.

10/12/2011 03:12:19

Alya - U.S.A.

10/12/2011 00:42:44

Julien - Germany

10/12/2011 00:17:01

Jessica - Argentina

My Voice:

Botton is a very special place for those who live there and also for those who, like me, went there to do volunteer work and ended up finding so much happiness!

I´ll never forget Botton and all its people! and I really hope this campaing to be successful!

10/12/2011 00:03:35

Sonja - Germany

My Voice:

It is not only me that had a really good time there  - but I also think the people living there quite enjoyed their life. I think it is really important to keep such a positive environment like Botton Village where EVERYBODY is treated equally and in a respectful manner - no matter whether the person is handicapped, from somewhere abroad, young or old. I remember the time I left Botton at the age of 17... when I thought to myself: \\\"If it ever happens to me that I\\\'ll have a baby with special needs - I\\\'ll definitely try to find a place like Botton Village.\\\"

09/12/2011 22:57:54

Konrad - Germany

09/12/2011 21:01:51

Andrew - France

My Voice:

A society which does not know how to put its needy at its heart will not progress. All of us at some point find ourselves in need of care, as babies and children, through accidents and berevements through old age and health problems.

Botton is a shining light, and a proponent of the question "how can we meet eachothers needs, and put those needs before our own desires?" 

Their work, and their attitude must be supported. 

All of us face a lonely retirement if our society is really so callous as to value only the needs of those who are considered productive.

09/12/2011 20:47:07

Solenne - France

My Voice:

GO BOTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/12/2011 20:39:40

Silvia - United Kingdom

My Voice:

so sad to loose this wonderful Community

09/12/2011 19:06:40

Matthias - Sweden

09/12/2011 18:54:19

evelyn - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have been inspired by Camphill.  As a teenager I visited and was deeply impressed by the level of dedication and sense of purpose and good will.  Later in life I have found myself working as a teacher and therapist in various Camphill settings.

The principles and way of life is so distinct, so remarkably 'other' that I am not at all surprised that the increasingly ideal- impoverished government, hampered by lack of any kind of new thinking, is not able to encompass such a wonderful enterprise. Not surprised, but very concerned.

Wishing you well with your campaign.

Evelyn Macgregor

09/12/2011 14:56:36