Voice of the Worldwide Camphill Movement

All of the people below have pledged their support and friendship to the Campaign for Real Care as The Voice of the Worldwide Camphill Movement.  Click Here to pledge your support and friendship.

Astrid - Germany

02/04/2012 11:06:58

Tascha - U.S.A.

23/01/2012 11:35:54

Riina - Estonia

My Voice:

I did live in Camphill Village for two years in Estonia, and I have been visiting many times also Botton Village. My daugther often stays over summer in Botton Village with his father, who is Coworker there. I am happy that my child has possibility to experiance this uniqe atmosphere.

I have deep respect for people who live and work together with villagers in Camphill  Villages and I have been deeply touched also by life in Botton Village. I hope very much that principles which are lying under the everyday life stay alive also in coming years.

18/01/2012 14:14:51

Jacqueline - New Zealand

My Voice:

I have visited Botton and found there wonderful people and a great sense of community - villagers and co-workers living side by side sharing their lives in a way that doesn't happen in many other places as it does in a Camphill Village. I have been a co-worker myself in a Camphill Village and it was a wonderful experience for me and formative for my lifes work.

16/01/2012 08:11:07

Katarina - Estonia

My Voice:

Botton Village is an example for the world.We try to live according to and learn from this example with the help of selfless co-workers from different Camphill places, also from Botton. What is being done in Camphill villages cannot be measured with methods used in the financial world. How to measure love, commitment, conscientiosness?

14/01/2012 20:49:59

Tiia - Estonia

14/01/2012 20:21:56

thomas - U.S.A.

My Voice:

Botton Village is an inspiration to me and so many others around the world who live, work with, and have befriended people with developmental disabilities.  They should be allowed to continue to develop their community as they see fit to the benefit of all who live and work there.  Botton is a true home to many who would likely be without such warm community and good work elsewhere.  

12/01/2012 17:37:28

Christina - U.S.A.

My Voice:

Lokelani 'Ohana is a Camphill inspired initiative in Hawaii that ask the regulatory board to visit Botton and observe the quality of life that is supported in a "life sharing" environment with co-workers and people with special needs.  This model transcends boundries normally established in differences of ability and disability and finds a common ground of focusing on individual strength and how can each indivudual cotribute to the whole.  We wholeheartedly support the Camphill inspired model of living ang working together with people with special needs and ask for your support. Thank-you, Christina Chang Lokelani 'Ohana Board President www.lokelaniohana.org

11/01/2012 23:33:36

Sherry - U.S.A.

My Voice:

As a co-worker in a Camphill Village in the USA I was privileged to visit Botton Village, which is the prototype of all Camphill Villages.  It is a wonderful, diverse, inspiring community.  I was impressed with the way the Villagers there were so mature and responsible and was amazed at the beautiful work  being done, especially in glass engraving.  The essential nature of Camphill is its basis in genuine community.  It is so important that this community model be allowed to continue to exist in the world as a model for the future.

11/01/2012 15:09:35

Anna - U.S.A.

10/01/2012 20:24:33

Rachel - Canada

30/12/2011 02:00:09

Alexandra - Netherlands

20/12/2011 13:00:39

Marcin - France

My Voice:

I have never visited your community, but have heard lots about your highs and lows. I would eat your strawberry jam every day while in Scotland.

I pledge my support,


16/12/2011 12:28:59

Pedro - Portugal

My Voice:

Botton Village is a place of unique kind, where villagers feel secure and safe. The wide spectrum of workshops, activities and residential houses gives those villagers an opportunity to develop in that safe environment their skills, knowledge and trust in the world. To all in Botton Village my best wishes and best of luck in the future...

16/12/2011 07:59:55

Margrit - U.S.A.

My Voice:

To live together/work as we do in the Camphill Movement is creative in a time when social interaction is generally in such poor shape! I hope with all my heart that the coworkers of Botton and the official Social Services find a way to converse and then go forward into the future in an acceptable way for both parties. This is my hope!

It would help the Campaign greatly if those standing responsible for it would sign on and fill the "blank pages"!

14/12/2011 11:31:40

Gloria - Brazil

My Voice:


14/12/2011 01:21:10

dag - Norway

13/12/2011 22:42:05

Hans - Switzerland

My Voice:

Living in Botton Village and receiving my training as a eurythmist has been a key experience for my professional career. Including my training I have lived/ worked in Camphill Schools and Communities for almost 10 years. I continue to work in Curative Education inspired by Rudolf Steiner (and Karl König), teaching eurythmy to special needs children in Switzerland. A number of my pupils later become villagers in the Camphill Village (Humanus-Haus) nearby. 

I am also a parent of a special needs child who may want to choose this way of life later on.

Laws and Regulations and Regulatory Authorities shall not put an end to Camphill Life!

Thank you to all who fight for the unique ethos and values of Camphill Life!

13/12/2011 16:59:36

pieter - Ireland

13/12/2011 13:41:08

Birgit - Norway

13/12/2011 08:49:14

antoinette - Ireland

My Voice:

being a camphill coworker living with adults with special needs, botton village is my big inspiration, a spiritual back-up. apart from that i was deeply impressed during my visit in botton years ago how independant and dignified the villagers are, how gracefully they welcomed me into THEIR home, how there was no hierarchy and a peacefulness in the landscape. one can feel the love and care with every step one makes in the valley: care for the people, care for nature and the environment, care for all living beings. a truely wonderful place developped by people who sacrificed personal earnings and careers for their community ideals.

12/12/2011 22:25:59

Brahim - Ireland

12/12/2011 12:48:34

Betty - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton provides a place where people with learning disabilities can live in dignified community with co-workers and their children in a way That is not possible in a care home. Botton will become a regular care home without Camphill ethos if the management style which came into force a few weeks ago is allowed to continue unchecked.

12/12/2011 07:13:25

David - U.S.A.

12/12/2011 03:22:35

Jeffrey - Germany

11/12/2011 21:07:44

Valerie - Andorra

My Voice:

As a former student at a Waldorf School (in New York), as the sister-in-law of a Camphill parent (in Scotland) and the aunt of a Camphill parent, and also as the aunt of a brain-damaged child, I support the Camphill Movement absolutely. The Social Services may find it hard to accept a non-behaviourist, non-mechanistic view of humanity, but in the free, democratic and Christian country that the United Kingdom is supposed to be there must be acceptance of different ways of thinking, and willingness to see Man as a spiritual being. The worldwide Camphill Movement has proved its bona fides: Social Services have a dubious record and little to boast about. They should not reign arrogantly supreme. May Camphill prosper as it absolutely deserves to do. I have no doubt God will win over Socialism.

11/12/2011 19:13:53


My Voice:

Botton Village inspired me for life. My experiences of Botton village led me to my future work in community settings, with disabled people.

11/12/2011 17:26:23

Boris -

My Voice:

Botton has been created by many people, its a social place where people live together, directly, eye to eye, hand in hand, and it is one of the few places on the planet where people meet in such a way. Botton is trust from one person to another. I saw Botton from within, I wasn't shown it, I saw it for myself. Botton is a place where people can find themselves with the help of other people. Let people have this opportunity to find themselves!

I am from Russia, and live in Camphill Svetlana.

11/12/2011 17:13:14

catherine -

My Voice:

I live and teach at a Camphill College, 6 of of my students have been able to go onto Botton Village in the last 4 years, many many more have wanted to but have not been able to secure funding for a place. I am currently working with several families who are quite determined that they want to support their son or daughter in their wish to go to a Camphill as their long term future placement.  Those people, whom i taught as adolescents, who have gone to Boton are now working, doing real work for which they are valued and respected. At the end of their working day they go home, to their house within the Botton Community, I know this because with the support of house co-ordinators i have been able to keep in touch with my past students. My past students are people with complex emotional, behavioural, and social needs, each of them requires an individual approaceh from people who understand and care about them and see them for who they really are.This is waht htey recieve at Botton Village.


I needed a lot of convincing that the Camphill approach was one that would work, i came from a backgound of manistream FE teaching and before that working in NHS Care organisation, in both respects Camphill is superior to what the mainstream has to offer.

11/12/2011 03:19:42

Leonard - Germany

10/12/2011 18:24:42

Miriam - United Kingdom

09/12/2011 23:53:16

Georg - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have known Botton from the very beginning and found it an inspiring place. Work interwoven with social ideals was practiced by the whole community - which existed from all sections of society and cultures. They are not a closed off utopian sect but a world wide open body of people who beyond political and narrow minded agendas have lived and shared life with any one with learning difficulties. The respect and dignity of each individual has been upheld throughout these many years.

09/12/2011 21:09:16

Christoph - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Do not allow ideology to kill love.

Botton will only work if it is Botton. Change it and you will destroy it. Who would want to do shift work at the end of the world? Botton is a place of idealism. Take that out, and nobody will want to go there. You can have 'normalisation' in every town in Great Britain.

09/12/2011 14:38:38