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katie - United Kingdom

15/03/2012 11:54:30

Jenny - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have been a co-worker at the Sheiling School in Ringwood and have visited Botton Village. I live in Stourbridge and have heard about the way things are going in Camphill. I am appalled that such narrow-minded managerialism has taken over this forward-thinking movement.

09/03/2012 20:14:13

Gill - United Kingdom

23/02/2012 11:45:21

Esther - United Kingdom

My Voice:

As a summer volunteer at Botton Village in 2010, I had a fun and fulfilling time with the villagers and other co-workers in the warm and caring environment of the community. I met some really genuine people, and will never forget my experience. It is a perfect environment for the care of those with disabilities, giving them a complete way of life. It would be awful to see this change.

02/02/2012 18:22:56

DANIEL - United Kingdom

13/01/2012 16:37:22

jens - Switzerland

My Voice:

signe by jens Brönnimann

05/01/2012 08:04:15

Mocquard - France

27/12/2011 14:13:33

Laurenz - Germany

23/12/2011 10:44:19

Hanna - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Having spent the most formative years of my childhood in Botton, I will forever be grateful and feel deep love for this place, a true community for all who live, have lived there or have been touched by it in other ways. No place is without its problems, but in Botton and other places like it, the aim is to find human solutions which I believe much of society can learn from.

19/12/2011 12:44:44

Elisabeth - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have visited and worked in Botton regularly for the last 12 years.  I am witnessing a sort of institutional blind ness which is trying to destroy the place of my inspiration for the last 12 years.

16/12/2011 20:22:43

Gavin - United Kingdom

16/12/2011 13:32:54

Hetty - Netherlands

My Voice:

Dear people from Botton Village,

I wish you courage, love and light to overcome this struggle, I hope you will get the opportunity to show your good work and I hope people will understand.

Warm greetings from a colleague from the Netherlands.

15/12/2011 15:40:25

Eelco - Netherlands

15/12/2011 13:27:20

Yvonne - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is an inspiration. Where else can people of all abilities work together meaningfully.

15/12/2011 06:34:01

Andrea - Germany

14/12/2011 18:16:40

Martha - Germany

My Voice:

One of my sons twice spent three months as a co-worker in Beannachar, another Camphill Community . My husband and I were deeply impressed by what we experienced there when we visited him.  A friend of my second son\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s spent one year in Bottom, while a young man from there took his place in his community in Germany. From what he and his parents told about Botton Village, it would seem irresponsible if the place were not allowed to continue the way that made it so valuable a place.

14/12/2011 11:17:30

Thomas - Germany

My Voice:

Camphill villages are pioneers and lighthouses of social farming. Social farming is becoming a movement across Europe (www.sofar-d.de; www.soziale-landwirtschaft.de, www.farmingforhealth.org) that looks at the Camphill communities as important cases of inclusion and of multifunctional agriculture (cf. www.soziale-landwirtschaft.de/petrarca_media/van Elsen_etal_sddr(1).pdf

13/12/2011 15:39:38

Sonia - United Kingdom

My Voice:

My connection with botton village and eurythmy began almost 25 years ago as a young musician and continues to inspire my work as a cellist .

13/12/2011 13:29:09

cath - United Kingdom

12/12/2011 23:28:59

Donal - Ireland

12/12/2011 23:27:41

Beth - United Kingdom

12/12/2011 20:44:14

Franziska - Germany

12/12/2011 20:19:34

Samantha - United Kingdom

My Voice:

The work you do is so valuable and should be protected, encouraged and supported.   Camphill is a light shining in the darkness and we should not allow it to be put out.

12/12/2011 20:10:55

Christian - Germany

My Voice:

In the summer 2011 I spent one week in this caring community surounded by a  beautiful valley and worked half time in different places. I was seriously inspired and empowered by the attentive and respectful manner of social interaction. I wish the world many more of those kind of places.

I wish you the best, in gratitude


11/12/2011 23:44:34

rowan - U.S.A.

11/12/2011 23:28:25

Corinne - France

My Voice:

I have lived as a teenage in Botton village and would be very sad and afflicted that the great work and care provided to people with disabilities could disappear.

11/12/2011 23:26:14

michaeldeherdt - Belgium

11/12/2011 19:17:47

Lesley - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 18:25:20

Dr - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have stayed in Botton as a guest & know several of the co-workers and resicents; some I have known in a professional capacity.




The care offered to residents is outstanding; at all times I have only observed co-workers behaving with sensitivity, imagination  & love. The features of daily life which are unique to the Camphill Communities only enhance care which  is already a joy to witness.


Of course there need to be safeguards, but the standards of care that I have experienced at Botton far excede the basic minimum requirements. 

11/12/2011 11:09:23

Anita - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 10:17:27

Robin - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 23:16:21

ramiro - Argentina

My Voice:

10/12/2011 22:35:04

Martin - Germany

10/12/2011 21:05:45

Ceava - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 17:21:37

Marcus - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton is great, and still very relevant. Of course they are not all perfect and some areas may need looking at, but it is after all a way of living together for human beings with strengths and weaknesses. Isn’t society is so much richer and more exciting when there is a variety of people, faiths, and approaches to life? Without variety there is nothing to choose from, after all. Botton is safe for and more inclusive of people with learning disabilities than society at large, and we all can learn a thing or two from their approach. I think co-workers have been a bit inward looking and the community too insular, which risks that it is perceived as rather closed institution, but I sense they have now realized the need to embrace some requirements that state and society, which they are part of, place upon them. There is now an opportunity for Botton to raise its gaze, reach out, learn and take an interest, invite exchange and welcome inspiration, and let others be inspired and reassured at the same time. Nobody can just request that trust be extended because they mean well or have regulatory power, but trust can be established through ongoing collaboration and getting to know each other. I dearly hope this can be done in a way that preserves the ‘goodness’ of Camphill’s way of life. I see plenty of good and well-meaning people on both sides of the argument, wanting the best for people with learning disabilities. I have a feeling this work will require all individuals involved to stretch themselves beyond their preconceptions and comfort zones, to look and listen, follow their conscience, honestly wanting to bring out the best in others and themselves, after all in the best interest of those they do all this. Botton / Camphill could be a shining example of a model of community life in the Big Society, delivering high quality care and so much more at the same time, whilst engaging in a lively and ongoing relationship with local folks, other providers, regulators and local authority. 

10/12/2011 16:49:37

philipp - Germany

10/12/2011 15:26:17

Rebekah - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I grew up in Camphil and apprieciate the values as ones that all can strive to live by. They bring meaning to work, freedom and value to all individuals.

10/12/2011 15:01:06

charlotte - United Kingdom

10/12/2011 11:30:44

Rosie - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Growing up in a camphill commnity like Botton you don't really realise how lucky you are until you have gone out into the 'Normal' eveyday world. You then come back and feel extremely privileged and happy to be part of such a caring,beautiful,friendly community. i hope with all my heart that Botton is able to remain like this as long as possible!

09/12/2011 23:25:52

Violet - United Kingdom

09/12/2011 21:22:03

Ian - United Kingdom

09/12/2011 19:27:43