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David - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Botton Village is a unique community which should continue to inspire a wider society with ethical,caring values which are so needed in our present time.

29/01/2012 19:00:10

Gavin -

My Voice:

The people i have known from there are commited to doing a fantastic work.

17/12/2011 21:04:05

Linda - United Kingdom

My Voice:

A wonderful healthy, artistic and active environment, that creates a unique community in which many different individuals can find their place, and make a contribution to the larger community of North Yorkshire.

16/12/2011 14:14:02

C - United Kingdom

12/12/2011 23:13:31

hartwig - Germany

My Voice:

already 1965 i had the first chance to have an impression from botton.. since it was my shinning example how to delvelop places with real inclusiv character. that´s how we developed our initiatives in north-germany. by now 12 farms cooperate after that modell. again a number of other places took our initiativ as an example . that´s how evelution takes place if it is based on personal engagement. and surely botton is the inspiring element. don´t touch that impuls. www.weide-hardebek.de

12/12/2011 20:14:10

Simone - United Kingdom

12/12/2011 07:39:36

Sophia - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 21:35:18

Sarah - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I visited at the beginning of November 2011, spent about 10 days in the village. Everywhere I was impressed by how well everything looked, how active and independent the villagers were. I spoke to many different people, also many villagers, who were very clear about what they were doing in Botton and why they were doing it, they seemed to have balanced and (in a positive way) challenging lives. Several co-workers seemed to be very depressed - was Botton dying?! - but what I saw seemed very much alive.


Botton is in my thoughts each evening at this difficult time, and I hope and pray that those concerned will find the strength and optimism to continue.

11/12/2011 16:58:08

emma - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 12:39:57

Melissa - United Kingdom

11/12/2011 11:49:05

Piet - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Having lived in Botton Village for close on 30 years I am deeply indebted to the life-sharing and learning from those around me.I have moreever lived in about 5 other Camphill communities learning to live these ideals.Now in "active retirement" I adhere to those core principles and am helping/supporting/practicing as much as age permits me. In this learning-living with not for my friends and mentors of  the good life have given me much more than I them.

10/12/2011 21:30:45

Anchana - Thailand

My Voice:

Healing community where every human is valued and nature spirit is well respected and care.

It doesn't belong to England but it shares its spirit to all

mankind and the world that needs healing.

10/12/2011 13:51:13