Voice of the Anthroposophical Society

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sam - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Camphill has its flaws. It is not a perfect community, not a utopia. But what is? Camphill has something valuable to offer our wider community, the world at large, because it is community-centred without losing sight of the individual. That is something really very rare. But sadly, because it is not commercially driven, it has a quiet and weaker voice than many other organisations. This campaign is well worth speaking up for.

05/04/2012 13:35:25

Sebastian - United Kingdom

My Voice:

I have seen the great work that is done there and think it would be an atrocity to let disappear.

19/03/2012 18:50:29

Dr - Australia

12/03/2012 07:25:20

Rachel - United Kingdom

My Voice:

As a trainee Steiner teacher I visited and stayed at Botton during my training. I was struck by the level of fulfilment of all villagers, and the commitment of all to the land,and environment in which they live. There is a deep sense of the care and friendship between villagers, a very "normal " range of relationships being evident. Beauty is of great importance and all jobs and creative activities are given true focus and care, responsibility is taken and enjoyed.

11/03/2012 21:04:09

Marcus - U.S.A.

My Voice:

Though I have never been to Botton Village, I have many friends who lived and worked in Bottom Village's supportive, transformative environment. Their stories are testament to the vital role this community in the lives of countless individuals.

11/01/2012 17:34:57

Esther - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Having worked in Camphill communities in the past in both the UK and in Europe I can say that those times were some of the most important in my life. The warmth and love and the strong deep foundations that underpin Camphill community life are so enriching and nourishing and stand as such a fine example to the 'outside' world of how people of all abilities can live together and mutually inspire each other to give of their best and live to their best.

03/01/2012 14:14:00

Michael - Germany

28/12/2011 14:45:03

Cathleen - Canada

23/12/2011 15:02:37

Susan - Australia

My Voice:

Botton village is still an inspiration to the world about living in community with those with a disability. We must not lose its core values and  individual strengths. We all gain by its presence.

19/12/2011 22:02:47

David - U.S.A.

My Voice:

Do not destroy that which you do not understand.  We already have too much of what you want to sell us.

17/12/2011 23:56:35

Simon - United Kingdom

17/12/2011 22:11:16

Sarah - Germany

My Voice:

Botton village is a good thing and very important!

16/12/2011 12:15:29

Malcolm - United Kingdom

14/12/2011 20:31:38

Kat - United Kingdom

My Voice:

Its such a beautiful place, with such beautiful people. As a student at Botton School i got to know the house parents, the villagers and the co-workers. Everyone there deserves upmost respect for what they are doing to support each other.

10/12/2011 13:15:21