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The very heart of Botton Village - a unique social impulse providing real care for people with learning disabilities - is under threat from a regulatory system that seems unable to recognise its real values and ethos.

If you have been inspired, helped, supported or just touched, by Botton Village then please tell us about it and or simply pledge your friendship and support to the co–workers and villagers that make this community a model for the future.


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About the Campaign

The Real Care provided by Botton Village is under threat.

The real family-centred and integrated social, economic and cultural care provided by Botton Village is under threat from a regulatory system that does not properly understand its ethos, values or purpose.

Please Find Out More, Lend us Your Voice and Pledge your Friendship and Support for this uniquely pioneering impulse so necessary for the future.

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Lend Us Your Voice

Have you been inspired, supported, helped or just touched by the life and work of Botton Village Camphill Community?

If you have, then please support the co-workers at Botton by giving us your thoughts and reflections. They need to hear your voice of encouragement now more than ever before.

Please also Pledge your Friendship and Support.

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Pledge Your Friendship and Support

Please also Lend us Your Voice.  Tell us how you have been helped, inspired, impressed, supported by Botton Village Camphill Community

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Find out More About Camphill

Find out more about what Camphill is really about what it stands for and how it operates and how you can connect with it.

Read what others say about Camphill and how it may be able to enrich or inspire your own initiative or life.

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